Frequently Asked Questions

01) What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel manufactured domestically from Vegetable oils, Animal fats, Corn, Jatropha & Palm Oil.

02) Does biodiesel contain petroleum?

Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level to create a biodiesel blend.

03) How does BioDiesel benefit the environment?

Biodiesel is a greenhouse gas reducing, advanced biofuel that is a great alternative for diesel users.Using biodiesel lowers particulate matter by 47%, reduces hydrocarbon emissions by up to 67%, and reduces smog.

04) How efficient is biodiesel?

Biodiesel has a higher oxygen content (usually 10 to 12 percent) than petroleum diesel. This will result in lower pollution emissions.

05) Can I use biodiesel in my existing diesel engine?

Yes, biodiesel can be operated in any diesel engine with little or no modification to the engine or fuel system.

06) What does CDGF offer in its Biodiesel segment?

We offer Bio-Diesel as a replacement of hazardous and polluting effects of conventional petroleum-based Diesel and as ultra-premium quality fuel, which not only cuts down heavily on air pollution but also improves the overall performance of the vehicle over a period of time.

07) What are the minimum required land dimensions for setting up the biodiesel pump?

The minimum required dimensions of land, thus owned or leased are 120 X 120 approx. (in sq. feet).

08) What taxation benefits do I get as a Biodiesel fuel station franchisee?

By offering E-Diesel at a much cheaper per Litre rate than the market prices of conventional petroleum-based Diesel and a further 12% return on GST, as per governmental rules and regulations, we offer customized solutions tailored to specific fuel-regulation needs and requirements.

09) What are the conditions regarding land connectivity for seting up the pump?

The land made available must be connected (on at least one side) to a motor-able road/gravel-topped motor-able lane/by-lane.The motor-able/gravel-topped road/lane must allow plying of traffic of at least 500 vehicles (including Diesel HMVs/LMVs) per day.

10) What is the price benefit per litre for the vendor?

CDGF offers E-Diesel at a price that is constantly cheaper than conventional diesel by 3 Rupees per litre (for the vendor) and is hence, cheaper than the market rate (for the end-consumer).

11) What is the role of CDGF in On-ground installation of the pump?

CDGF will be responsible for the installation set-up of E-diesel retail outlet, dispensing machines, covering shed, all basic and axillary infrastructure and also for providing the manpower required to run/manage the retail outlet facility. Civil works will be undertaken by the vendor.

12) Who will impart requisite training & guidance to the fuel station personel?

Vendor will be responsible for hiring the support staff for the pump.Training of the support staff, counseling, imparting requisite skill-set etc. will be the responsibility of CDGF.