Biodiesel Biofuel

Who We Are?

Every intellectual and Environmentalist says that we must decrease our dependance on fossil fuel. We at CDGF with proud say we have invested huge amount to meet this noble thought to give alternative to fossil fuel and save Environment.

Clean Dot Green Fuels is a bio automotive fuel company, with a specialized offering of an ultra-premium quality and low-emission fuel labeled as “Bio-Diesel” or “E-Diesel”. E-Diesel is processed, refined and distributed by us. Our E-diesel is bench-marked at the highest standard for quality markings as per the metrics of Bureau of Indian standards and is directly compliant with the parameters defined in Euro VI standards.

The company is dedicated to the mission of sustainable development, which aims at delivering the best possible outcome and fueling experience across the country in all kinds of diesel engines without any modifications.

As per the company's policy for Business Development and expansion, we are currently in the process of commissioning more than 1000 franchisees across 8 states in India. Through cooperation and collaborations with like-minded groups/concerns/firms, we strive to achieve “Green” milestones for eco-friendly practices and norms.

  • Efficient utility practices and 100% standardized operating modalities.
  • Setting up successful participative platforms with earmarked and concerned authorities and bodies across the country for creating 24/7 operational E-Diesel retail outlets/Fuel outlets.
  • The extent of our current operations also includes setting up retail/super-stock dealers in various regions.
  • DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) outlets and FPPs (Fuel –Purchase Points), as per the highest industry standards and region –to-region specific modalities.
  • Multi-faceted concern seeking expansion of green energy consumption segments across Indian states and proposes collaboration and cooperation for the same.
  • Clean, efficient and eco-friendly fuel consumption through availability of E-Diesel vends/retail outlets/stocks and super-stocks across multiple locations in Jammu and Kashmir.

With the target segment of diesel consumption being approximately 39% of national volume, the domain for E-Diesel retail is huge with tremendous potential.

By offering E-Diesel at a much cheaper per Litre rate than the market prices of conventional petroleum-based Diesel and a further 12% return on GST, as per governmental rules and regulations, we offer customized solutions tailored to specific fuel-regulation needs and requirements.

NOCs required** for Bio-Diesel outlets

  • Forest Department.
  • Industries Center
  • Medical Department.
  • Education Department.
  • PWD (R&B) Department.
  • PDD Department.
  • Jal Shakti Department.
  • IFC Department.
  • Fire & Emergency Department.
  • RDA Department.

**The mentioned documentation /NOCs may vary from region to region